Green steps

Our way of making a difference

Green food

Our mission is to inspire more people to a healthier and more climate friendly lifestyle. That's why we've gone all-in on grown food. That is, food from nature that is completely plant based, stuffed with vitamins and minerals and no unnecessary additives whatsoever.

Beef or beans

As an example of how much better plant based food is for the environment: a 200 gram piece of beef causes approximately 5.2 kg of carbon emissions, whereas the equivalent number for 200 grams of legumes is 0.035 kg. So, each time you choose plant based food, you’re doing the planet a favor.

*According to the report ”Mat-klimat-listan”, version 1.1 from The Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, 2014.

200 g

200 g

Green planet

Our grown food is a lot kinder to the environment than a lot of other things you can eat. Our grown food is more friendly to the environment than a lot of the other stuff you can eat but there's still no getting away from the fact that it needs to be grown, transported and packaged before it ends up in your local shop. Here's our point of view: we should live off the interest of the planet, not the capital. That's why we climate compensate for the entire value chain, from farming to the shop shelf.
Simply put: 100% climate compensated. 

Green fingers

That our products should be high quality is a given, but it's equally important that they are produced in a sustainable way. Both farmers and suppliers should feel that we make fair and long-term business. When we visit our suppliers around the world we can make sure that both workers and cultivation are treated well.

Get to know suppliers and their cultivation even better and find additional areas for co-operation.
Ensure that suppliers are treating workers and cultivation in the way we expect – our code of conduct.

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